Window Cleaners to the Rescue!

At 6.30am on Monday 24th October, our window cleaner Billy Wilkinson and Regional Supervisor for Yorkshire, Dominic Willis were heading to scheduled job at the nearby Tesco store in Barnsley.
As they approached a roundabout on the A6195 near Hoyland, they happened upon a large lorry overturned, laying on it’s side.

Their emergency First Aid at Work training kicked in and they immediately used their safety equipment to cordon the area off with their hazard cones and tape, these are normally used to ensure the safety of the public during the cleaning of retail and commercial buildings.

They used their window cleaning ladders to climb up to the cab to check if the driver was injured, which thankfully he wasn’t. The driver was trapped by the tension of his seatbelt, so they lifted the man to enable them to loosen this and unfasten his seatbelt to free him.
They then put their ladders inside the cab to enable him to climb out of the cab and then back down the ladders to the safety of the ground.
The driver escaped with minor cuts and bruises.

It was a potentially dangerous situation, with fuel spilling onto the ground, that without the calm and practical approach of our window cleaning team, could have become very dangerous indeed.
Well done Dominic and Billy!